Maze Prototype

Maze is a tool for thought created by designers for designers. It makes sense of your mind and gets you the inspiration to help you come up with ideas.

An infinite playground for thinking.


Maze came from the realisation that many designers seem to struggle with finding previously saved links. As I was struggling with this issue myself, I decided to find a solution. What started off as a way to easily save links, turned into an interactive idea hub for even the smallest thoughts.

Maze is a visual second brain and an effortless addition to a designer's toolbox. The focus is on finding out how designers save their ideas, especially the ones that come at random times and outside of work hours. Ideas are unexpected and should have a place that's flexible and lets them grow, rather than putting them away in folders where they get lost.

Maze Branding
Maze initial idea sketch More detailed layout sketch


The key to executing this fairly straightforward idea was research. Understanding the individual design process of every person beyond their regular day-to-day schedules and exploring how they think when they're not actively trying to come up with ideas.
After interviewing a range of designers, I started exploring different ways of saving thoughts and ideas. From text and voice notes to tweets and links with comments. Idea generation is a fluent and unpredictable process, so I looked into multiple contact points that can be accessed quickly.

Final Thoughts

Maze's goal is to embrace the creative process, not try to tame it. Inspiration comes from flexibility and a growing knowledge base. As I explore this project further, I'm more focused on exploring the messy side of things rather than define an organised and systematic solution.

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