About me

Energetic product designer with a passion for detail, collaboration and delivery. Driven by continuous learning and a curiosity-driven approach to design.

Creative thinker
and coffee drinker.

Spends her Sunday mornings scrolling through ProductHunt and X, looking for the latest fun products to explore - endlessly signing up to beta test new tools and apps. Loves Belfast for its coffeeshops which come hand-in-hand with the design scene. Could talk your ear off about design, creativity, photography and her dog Leeloo.

Currently working at Dawson Andrews, a design and development company in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Taking projects end-to-end, from initial strategy, concept and research to design and dev-handover. Solving hard problems and working with passionate people is what I enjoy most about my job as a designer.

You'll usually find me at a coffee shop, behind the camera, at the skatepark with the Dawson Andrews skate crew or outside of my comfort zone. A fun fact about me is that I’m fluent in 5 languages, but that's just a park of growing up in Luxembourg.


From photos to tiny app ideas, here's what I work on in my free time.